Friday the 13th: The Game is available on Steam  

Adapted from the console version, fans of Friday the 13th: The Game now can enjoy this horror game with Crystal Lake on Steam.

Like Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Friday the 13th is a real war to survive. You and 6 unlucky students gathered at Crystal Lake Camp became the target for Jason Voorhees assassin and will have to make every effort to get away safely. Players can do anything to survive in game like.

Each room will have a maximum of 8 participants, and one will become a Jashon killer, which is a new point to make the game more attractive as the “boss” is intended for players rather than the controller. Jashon is equipped with killer skills such as instant teleportation, radar detecting ability, ending attack, etc. which make him extremely dangerous and you will easily be a prey to Jashon.  In return, the playing area is quite large and each student has advantages and disadvantages as well as their own indicators that are combined with topography and support tools. Therefore, your chances of survival are still significant.

In Friday the 13th, your job is to survive rather than kill assassin Jashon. In addition, players should upgrade their character as well as improve personal skills to ensure the survival. Gamers should invite friends to play together to support each other – otherwise you should make use of voice chat to communicate with other players in the same room.

Remember, surviving is the leading goal!

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