Friday the 13th Game: Killer Jason is too “terrible” with the ability to teleport instantly

Maybe in Friday the 13th game, the survivors will have to sacrifice some members as bait while others try to escape.

Developer of the horror game: Friday the 13th has released a new gameplay, this time focusing on the murderous Jason Voorhees rather than the usual group of survivors. After listening to many comments from the fan community that Jason should have more spears and spears thrown in like his image in the sixth movie “Jason Lives”, Gun Media has put these two details into the horror game of the same name.

Jason appears with the new weapon on his hand.

In addition, we can see that Jason has the ability to teleport extremely well to pursue or block the survivors. Not sure in the official gameplay, how would gamers control the teenage to get rid of Jason if he keeps teleporting like that, probably have to rely on the crowd to distract.

Jason can turn into a super-fast ghost and suddenly appear in every position exactly like in the movie.

At the end of the new gameplay clip of Friday the 13th, the character trying to escape instead of dying under Jason is stabbed again by another group of people traveling by car. Killing each other is entirely possible in this horror game, but developer Gun Media said the game does not encourage it to happen with certain penalties not specifically disclosed.

For a more specific view, invite you to watch the gameplay of Friday the 13th below:

Friday the 13th horror game is expected to be available in early 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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