Forge of Glory – an addicted and attractive mobile game

Forge of Glory is a role play game combining with match-3 game in 3D environment. With eye-catching characters, Forge of Glory brings players experience as in real action game. Players can experience both alone and many people.

PvE factor of Forge of Glory is designed in 13 environments with different backgrounds, from desert to plateau, which brings players diversified and interesting experience. In addition, gamers will be played in thorny match-3 with their enemy during their adventure finding the Bone Dragon and decimate it.


Besides linking 3 gems in line to attack enemies, players can also perform specific strokes to decimate enemies in seconds with linking 5 or more gems in line in next attacking. Especially, the attacking effects in Forge of Glory are really nice, and don’t make players feel violent. Therefore, this game is suitable for various groups of players.

However, the match you play based on the way you combine the gems as well as character you take part of (Rogue: orange gem, Archer: green gem, Mage: red gem, Warrior: bright green gem) and in each match, you have to try to annihilate your enemies.

If you try new experience, you can move on to PVP section. In this section, you need pay attention to attack the town of other players and loot the valuable booty. You can fight alone or co-operate with your friends through chatting and then discuss the tactics to attack in real time.


Parallel to attack structure of other players; don’t forget to protect your bastion. You can update your structure to more solid as well as the mascots securing you bastion.

In case you meet a match that is too hard to win, you can turn the automatic mode to let the PC help. Or if you find the missions in Forge of Glory is quite easy, you can try the hardcore mode for more challenging and more valuable booty.

Forge of Glory has been perfected day by day to brings players the best experience with impressive matches.

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