Far Cry 5 revealed the first image, identified the real background at Montana

The ubiquitous mountainous terrain associated with flat fields is the first notable images of Far Cry 5.

After much speculation, the Ubisoft game company finally released the first images of the launching open world game Far Cry 5. The company has posted a set of 4 short clips (about 30 seconds on 1 Clip) with the theme “Welcome to Hope County” – Welcome to Hope County of Montana.

Throughout the videos, there are various types of landscapes and terrains ranging from rugged hills, rolling waves to large and flat fields. This is also one of the features of the open world games produced by Ubisoft.

But the notable point of this game is that the storyline which was revealed in the four clips above. In the released videos, there is a scene of a person bangs the head of the other one on the bell.

All the details in the set of 4 clips revealing Far Cry 5 demonstrated that the previous rumors are true. A few days ago, social networks spread rumors of a person alleged to have contributed to the project. Early sources said the game would set the scene in the Montana, US and place main character in a confrontational situation with a mysterious cult organization pervading the area. Weapons and vehicles will still be designed at the present time, with the appearance of multi-terrain vehicles.

Ubisoft will release details of Far Cry 5 on May 26, 2017, but it is rumored that the game may be released around March 2018. In addition, the appearing of logos of PS4 and PS4 Pro 4 revealed videos makes many people think that the games will be exclusively released on these two consoles.

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