Fable Series will come back with new appearance on Xbox One and PC in July

One of the most famous and oldest RPG adventure games is coming back with the new version – Fable Fortune.

Successfully starting out 2 previous versions which were hailed as one of the best RPG games but the series born by genius designer Peter Molyneux quickly slipped for several reasons and stopped with 2 versions Fable: Heroes and The Journey. However, recently former members of Lionhead Studio have embarked on the development of Fable Fortune to open up new hope.

Unlike previous versions of the main series, Fortune will be a card game and will be released on both the Xbox One and PC platforms via Steam on July 11.

Developed by Fiat Mediatonic and Flaming Studios, Fable Fortune combines characters and elements from the original Fable series into card gameplay. Players will carefully select cards that match their own style and tactics to compete against other players in both PvP and Co-op modes.

The special point is that like other Fable titles, you can choose to follow the path of Good or Evil and complete the quests set up between matches. The game features 6 unique heroes, and each battle takes place in familiar locations from the world of Albion.

The Fable Fortune will be launched in July with the Founder’s Pack that costs $15. This package includes 20 card packs, a unique Flaming Fowl title card and a rare Giant Egg Card.

The official release of the free-to-play version is also under way for release later this year.

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