Enjoy the racings in the action movie with Need For Speed: Payback

At event E3 2017, the latest gameplay of racing series Need For Speed: Payback was introduced with pinnacle scenes

In Need For Speed, it doesn’t have the fire exploded, the streets which were full of cars and concrete, and the concrete with strewn around as obstacles that you must avoid to catch up with the task the game offers. Obviously, Need For Speed is no longer a street racing game as before. It has evolved just like the Fast and Furious series, as the vehicles are based only on the plot and on the action scenes.

If the Need for Speed ​​version was developed by Ghost Games and EA released in November 2015 is a game that brings gamers back to the past with the racing taking place on the streets like NFS Underground, then Need for Speed: Payback will be a different direction like Need for Speed: Undercover many years ago, with a dramatic storyline centered.

Like the other Need For Speed ​​versions, Payback still owns two of the most importants of the series such as real cars, and police. The races will be hotter than ever.

Need For Speed: Payback will be officially launched on 10th Nov on three platforms PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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