Enjoy the fierce tank battlefield

Tank battle is always a hot genre of all gamers in the world, regardless of whether it’s a mouse-or-mortar battlefield where mobile gamers are willing to call each other. World of Tanks is a good example of this. When both the PC and the mobile have heated playgrounds with smoke filled the screen.

Now, gamers can enjoy a hot title of tank battle – Metal Force: War Modern Tanks. Available now on both Android and iOS, Metal Force: War Modern Tanks is ready for you to enjoy free now.

Metal Force: War Modern Tanks brings players into the network arena where 10 players fighting with 10 different warriors in the death toll to find the sole champion. When playing, gamers can move freely on the map, control their battlefields in a favorable position and blow the corpses who dare to come near. Control mechanism of the game is quite simple with the move and fire button, and does not require players to align and calculate the path All you need to do is put the enemy in sight, see the target in red and press the fire button. This simple and easy-to-use interface allows gamers to feel the dynamic atmosphere and speed of Metal Force: War Modern Tanks. In game, gamers will immediately see the air ripping shells and ground vibration.

Moreover, Metal Modern: War Modern Tanks also owns advanced weapons development and upgrading systems that ensure you develop your character and power.

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