Enjoy the epic battles in blockbuster For Honor

For Honor is one of blockbusters of Ubisoft this year. This game will take players in a “turbulent” time among three warlords: the Samurai, the Viking and the Knight which are the most powerful forces of the Middle Ages.

You will be the general of one force in two factions and your mission is to win the battle. There are many ways to do that: break into the “fling” in the middle of the siege, order the archers shot down, etc.

The screen will be divided into several areas, and the side occupying more areas will gain the upper hand. But the most important thing is that you have to duel with general on the enemy, and this is the real tension. With For Honor, players are immersed in epic battles, with works such as Troy and Kingdom of Heaven. And the maps in game are stretched from Asia to Europe.

Unlike many other titles, the control system of For Honor is based on the right analog stick on the handle to manipulate. Players will have three main directions to attack as well as defense: left, right and top. Therefore, success or failure will depend very much on the ability to judge in each action.

The faster the attack is, the better you get, but the effecttiveness must be guaranteed because the enemy has the same property as you so each strike must be accurate. If a blow is missed, the player will take about 2 seconds to stand again and it is a good chance for the enemy.

Taking advantage of the opponent’s inadequacies is also a way of killing them quickly, however, players have to attack quickly before the opponent turn around.

There are 1vs1, 2vs2, 1vs2 or even 1vs3 battles in For Honor. Each unit in the game has its own unique fighting style and advantages, in accordance with different tactics.

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