Enjoy the difficult terrain and thorny racings with DiRT 4

It’s been 6 years since the latest release of the DiRT series, DiRT 3, launched in 2011, and immediately received a number of positive reviews from the gaming community, along with towering scores. With DiRT 4, Codemasters focus on the long-distance racing and terrain racing, as the DiRT Rally debuted in 2015.

In Your DiRT 4, Your Stage is quite easy to understand when players just need to choose only one of five racing venues (Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden, and Wales), setting milestones and climate then the race will take place and the player can adjust the length and complexity of the race. Newly created blockades will then be made randomly, and if the player does not like the racetrack then just need to hit the change button. Players can also share and challenge their friends with the way they have experienced.

In DiRT 4, you will experience the unique and challenging racings that the other games cannot bring.

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