Endless Space 2-A new blockbuster of the 4X tactical game

Endless Space 2 is one of the most outstanding games in 4X genre.

In Endless Space 2, you will play a leader of civilization in the process of exploring the universe. You will meet, interact with other civilizations in the infinite galaxy, befriend them, or force them to under your control or destroy them. In the vast universe of Endless Space 2, there are countless artifacts, remnants of the Endless people, the first people to settle and dominate the universe.

The game has 8 different races for you to choose. Each race in Endless Space has different characteristics with different gameplay. This will greatly affect the tactics you will use when playing. For example, aggressive races such as Cravers and the United Empire will have a good relationship to each other than to other peace-loving races. This leads to strategic diplomatic moves in the game.

In Endless Space 2 there are many different planetary genres with different resources that you will have to get by either through diplomacy or through war. Resources will greatly affect the military’s strength.

In space games, it is impossible not to mention spaceships equipped with laser guns, plasma. In Endless Space 2 you will have the opportunity to assemble your own spaceship!

The battles in Endless Space 2 are very epic. But you will choose tactics before each battle and just see the battle is going.

There are plenty of things to explore in the universe of Endless Space 2 such as antiques, ruins, precious resources, the story behind every race, the planets, and so on. Many people, especially the fans of the tactics titles will be addicted by this game.

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