Dragon Quest Heroes II- The dragon wars

Dragon Quest Heroes II is the sequel to the version in 2015 with some of the improvements in all fields

The plot is more attractive than before

Dragon Quest Heroes II opens with a meeting of two cousins Lazarel and Teresa but the reunion takes place not long, the war suddenly occurs. The player chooses one of the two main characters mentioned above, taking on the battle with a new adventure. Compared to the original game, the content of Dragon Quest Heroes II has been improved somewhat. Although there are buttons to create more interesting, but the content is still somewhat easy to guess.

The gameplay was improved a little bit

The gameplay in Dragon Quest Heroes II is extensive, allowing players to explore the world in the game more. This is a worthwhile improvement for the game. At least it gives players a feeling of experience, a natural exploration of familiar role-playing genres. No longer “jumping” from task to task from another menu, or framed in a boring little game like the traditional Musou game.

The missions in the main storyline are quite varied. In addition to the familiar tasks of the game Musou series tightly, there are many tasks inspired by the traditional role-playing game. For example, boss battles, both literally and figuratively. Or labyrinth-like caves, protective missions, even a little stealth. Many RPG elements are blended into the gameplay of Dragon Quest Heroes II, making it a bit new in the experience, but also just a bit.

Sounds and graphics are quite good

Dragon Quest Heroes II uses fresh and bright colors. The environment looks different and so lively. Characters and monsters are pretty. The colorful effects every time the character deployment of magic or magic is quite eye-catching, attracting the attention of players.

The music is the same. The sound in the game is still cheerful, comfortable, consistent with the content of the game. However, as well as the character design, many of the tracks are re-used from the old game.

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