Dragon Nest 2 Legend: Great role playing game for iOS and Android

Possessing eye-catching graphics and attractive hack’n’slash gameplay, Dragon Nest 2 Legend is a worth ARPG game to try out for mobile gamers.

Nexon has officially introduced the latest Dragon Nest version called Dragon Nest 2 Legend in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands and Philippines. The game is available for both iOS and Android platforms with English language supported.

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According to the company’s introduction, in Dragon Nest 2, players will return to explore the past of 500 years before the events happenings in the original Dragon Nest version on the PC.

In the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose among 4 unique character classes, and each of them has different strength and weakness. Some of characters in game are the Geraint knight, Marion shaman, mercenary Gavel and another character not revealed.

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Then, you will select 3 of 6 given skills to start building your favorite character. Note, the skills will contribute to the creation of combos so you have to consider thoroughly.

The gameplay of Dragon Nest 2 Legend is still hack’n’slash, allowing players to spread their skills when attacking the enemy. In addition, the player also has the support of the “counter attack” feature, which allows players to counterattack the opponent if hitting the “Defend” button at the right time.

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In terms of graphics, the scenes in game are relatively good and eye-catching. The environment is also designed to provide a unique atmosphere for each area. From the ruined citadel to the peaceful town and the pitifully cloudy forests, and so on, combined with the beautifully rendered moves, give players satisfaction while experiencing. The sexy female character is also an attractive point of game.

You can also team up with other players to conquer dungeons (or Nest). But unlike the regular soldiers, you will need to pay attention and remember the boss’s attacks to survive before getting the winning.


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