Dota 2: Co-op Campaign mode has been released

Battle Pass for The International 2017 has officially been published. This year, when gamers buy the Battle Pass, they will receive a special gift as a co-op for maximum 4 players added in game.

The prize of TI7 has increased 4 times after some days

In spite of being released some days ago to raise a fund for the prize of TI7, Battle Pass has increased this fund from $1.6 million to more than $6.2 million but only 25% of profit from Battle Pass will be used for the prize.

This co-op mode is called Siltbreaker, an adventure with 2 programs which go deep into the darkest areas of Dark Reef. The first program is expected to release this month and the second one will be published in next Jul.

Valve describes this co-op campaign mode is an adventure of 4 gamers crossing different lands, fighting with horror monsters, dangerous traps and many of consternations. Players will receive prizes for each time passing a round in this campaign and their last goal is Desert Sands Baby Roshan

Besides, an interesting feature added with Battle Pass is to bet MMR. With this feature, gamers can lay their achievement before fighting. They will receive MMR point twice if they win and if they are defeated, they will lose twice

This new Battle Pass costs $9.99 for level 1 and $36.99 for level 75. TI7 will take place in Key, Seattle in the US from 7th to 12th Aug, 2017.


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