Doomfist’s Skins Revealed on The Overwatch PTR

After so many times ‘release’, finally Blizzard has officially launched Doomfist – 25th hero in the game Overwatch PTR test server a few days ago. By taking on the offensive position in the squad, Doomfist is a melee hero who has a pretty heady ability and can easily combine with other heroes in the Overwatch to become a destructive combo. However, this is a hero with a 3-star difficulty, so the players need accuracy as well as reasonable use of skills, so it is not easy when using this hero.

A few days ago on the PTR test server, Doomfist was ‘naked’. But recently, Blizzard has suddenly announced all the skins for Doomfist. Let see these skins which will make gamers Overwatch willing to donate blood in the coming time.

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