DLC for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been announced

Nintendo revealed the content the first DLC for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the official name as The Master Trial. This DLC will pay attention to take advantages of new island- trial of the Sword (called Cave of Trials before). Gamers have to learn all manipulations as beginners because of absolutely new survival rules in this new island.

According to Nintendo, Trial of the Sword contains many stratums and Link will have to pass about 45 cellars with dozens of enemies. At first, Link has no weapon as well as amour when fight against these enemies but the prize for this seriously difficulty challenging is Master Sword updated timelessly with double of power.

Hard in this DLC also makes gamers heady. All enemies will be upgrade to 1 rank like red Bokoblins will become green ones, green ones will become black ones. The boss also becomes more dangerous with updated skills like view and hearing.

Another feature which makes players interested in is “hero’s path”. With this feature, you can know where you had discovered in recent 200 hours. An interesting point is that the gamers in old save files can also experience this feature.

Korok Mask is another interesting feature for gamers. Players can get this mask at main world. When using Mask Korok, your controller will vibrate if you are near an uncollected Korok seed. Korok Mask can help you collect 900 seeds easier.

Besides adding new features, the quality of graphic and equipments in Hyrule are also improved. Travel Medallion allows you move rapidly to any position without the help of temple. And the new items like Phantom outfit, Midna’s headpiece and some dickens Tingle’s outfit will make the game become more colorful.

The Master Trials will be released this summer with price of £17.99

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