Destiny 2 gameplay has officially released

Bungie has finally pulled the curtain from Destiny 2, revealing the very first gameplay including all of the new planets, modes, raids, strikes and more in an event at Los Angeles.

A significant point of this new gameplay is hand-to-hand mode which allows gamers to combat with their sword. Moreover, all characters from previous version will back to Destiny 2 and there are two more characters called Sentinel and Arcstrider added in game. The transport system was also added with tanks controlled by players

The mission system in Destiny 2 is also promised to be more diversified in all aspects. In campaign mode, there are more new planets and moon added in solar system. In PvP mode, players will experience in 4v4 capacity which helps shooting combats become more attracted. Besides, Destiny 2 has features similar as MMO game.

Particularly, Destiny 2 will be exclusively published on system of Blizzard App / It means all social network features and virtual currency trading of Blizzard will be integrated in Destiny 2 while Bungie still manages all servers and customer care. Version for PC console will be published in almost areas in the world and players can convert servers as they want.

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