Days Gone – The Zombie game with attractive gameplay

Days Gone is an action game in the open world. The context in game takes places in the Northwest area of Pacific two years after the mysterious pandemonium happened. It destroys entirely the world makes people here become an inanimate and extremely ferocious creature.

Joining Days Gone, players will transform into character Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter. He has a beautiful life with her girlfriend-Sarah and travels to many areas at United States on his motorcycle. But when the pandemic comes, his life is changed. He has to run away and use the life skills to survive and find another better world.

The specific thing in Days Gone which makes it different from the other Zombie game is that instead of standing and using available weapons to kill Zombies, the players of Days Gone must use the skills and items available in the rounds to destroy them. The Zombie in Days Gone has evolved and become more intelligent and agile

When playing, gamers will encounter other characters bringing them experience of a life, love, friendship, enmity and forgiveness.

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