Day of Infamy launched Dunkirk update version allowing gamers to play Nazi Germany soldiers

Day of Infamy is a strategic shooting game which allows players to experience classic WWII battles taking place in South and West Europe. And now, the new and completely free update comes out. It adds two maps and some minor graphics changes in the game.

On the Dunkirk map, instead of scattering the beaches, you will find the entire history of evacuation in Dunkirk, France where more than 338.000 soldiers were rescued by a civilian fleet after being attacked by the German army in 1940.

In game, you will play Wehrmacht soldiers, with the task of eliminating anyone relating to the Commonwealth and occupying Dunkirk.

In Bréville map, you can live in 1944 just few days after the legendary D-Day campaign. You will play the British paratrooper with the task of controlling the small town of France, Bréville-les-Monts, during the Normandy landings.

The Bréville screen also offers a closer look at one of the least noticeable features of the update. Besides adding new details to the grass models, it also adds custom light shading, and you can even add more grass if you like by using the “foliage_generate” command.

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