Dark Souls 3 -The Ringed City DLC: How to Start


The last version in Dark Souls has been published recently and is concerned by gamers all over the world. Gamers who experienced the Ringed City DLC said that this the most difficult rounds in Dark Souls 3 and not all players can win in this version. Especially, The Ringed City DLC is totally different from the ex-versions of Dark Souls, so it makes many players get difficulty as well as be strange with this game.

In this post, we show you the first step for players to participate in the world of The Ringed City DLC in Dark Souls 3 – starting


The first step of starting the Ringed City is to defeat all the Lords of Cinder and places their remains at their altars at Firelink Shrine.

Then, the Firekeeper will walk to the bonfire, so you need to head down and talk to her and you’ll be able to interact with the bonfire to head to the Flameless Shrine from there

There is another way for you to access the Ringed City is to access via the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. If you’ve already beaten that expansion’s final boss, now you can head to the Ariandel Chapel and walk to the back of the flaming room. From here you’ll find another way to teleport to the Dreg Heap

Then continue to go until you can get to Kiln of the First Flame but just before the final boss, in the back corner you will see another bonfire which will help teleport you to the Dreg Heap- the entrance into the world of the Ringed City

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