Compete with Anthem, Warframe offers open world map

At the annual event for gamers named TennoCon in London, Digital Extremes revealed the first images of Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon update version.

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For the first time in history, Warframe gamers will have the freedom to explore, fight, travel and fly through open spaces – areas known as Planet Earth’s Open Zone. In Plains of Eidolon, gamers will experience a amazing environment with residents including familiar and new creatures, enemies, beautiful landscapes with day-to-day cycles and interesting stories.

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Gamers can also explore Centus, a bustling town with many of NPC and a storyline for each of them. Each NPC has its own motives, tricks and different missions.

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Mechanical wings that were only used underwater or in space now can be used to surf in new areas. But be careful when night falls, because even the Grinner also flees before the Spectral Sentient haunts the vast ruins of the Plains of Eidolon.

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Some of the new features of Plains of Eidolon:

Landscapes (Open Zones)

So far, Warframe missions were taken place in relatively closed environments. With the expansion of the Plains of Eidolon, players can enjoy in a vast natural landscape, freedom to explore in his own way.

Meet the Cetus’s residents

For the first time, Tenno introduces the anonymous inhabitants in game. Meet Ostrons who eat carrions from Orokin Towers.

Various types of missions

In addition to exploring and exploring, players will also participate in a variety of missions like find and assemble new Warframs, weapons, items and more. It is possible to set expectations and make the Archwing trap for aerial touring and combat, or experience customization and combining weapons that has never had before

Finding out and exploring

Plains of the Eidolon brings a sense of discovery, diversity and mystery that combines a variety of different environments and create a deeper sense of place. Experience a glorious new world where winds sweep through Syandana while the giant Orokin is asleep in the distance. The earth has never been so lively.

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