Call Of Duty WWII – Blockbuster FPS with Bloody Battlefields

At E3 2017 event, Sony announced Call of Duty WWII and gave the players a better understanding of the environment, the circumstances and the scenarios that he will be fighting in the version. And indeed, this return of Call of Duty WWII made the players really overwhelmed and expect.

The trailer showed some of the scenarios including Normandy (France), Ardennes Forest (Belgium), and Aachen (Germany). In the video introducing about gameplay, there are some fighting scenes in the snow, some of the ravaged villages which promise to create fierce battles in various battlefields. In addition, in game, players are able to be ambushed and have to be always ready to fight anywhere, anytime. That is one of the interesting points of Call of Duty WWII.

Developer Sledgehammer Games announced that they would bring the game back to the basics of the Call of Duty series that allow players back to the context of World War II.

This version has been significantly improved in gameplay such as allowing players to play a female warrior in Multiplayer mode or letting players create their own characters. In spite of respecting for history and authenticity of the milestones, Zombie mode will still exist in this version.

Call of Duty WII will be published on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 3rd Nov this year.

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