Blockbuster Titanfall: Assault is officially available on iOS and Android

Titanfall: Assault, the second game of the Titanfall brand to hit the mobile market, has finally appeared on App Store and Google Play stores worldwide.

Although the previous product- Titanfall: Frontline card game was unable to overcome the Soft Launch process and canceled, Titanfall: Assault – a game that combines real-time strategy and bit-of-card-gathering features – is available free of charge to iOS and Android global players. It is known as a part of a partnership agreement between Respawn and Nexon to launch a series of mobile games under the Titanfall brand.

As a game of strategy genre, Titanfall: Assault brings hint of Clash Royale, which requires players to deploy offensive and defensive reasonably based on available military strains. Players fight against each other in a map, attempt to capture and control three main base stations or destroy the giant turret in the enemy base.

Firstly, you can only send out Pilots to deal with enemy troops. Until the timer counts down to the three-minute mark, the giant Titan machines can be deployed, which greatly increases the severity of the battles.

As in the console version, the Pilot is quite versatile with the ability to climb, adapt flexibly and is able to jump from one building to another easily and use the zipline to reach the enemy skillfully.

However, the battle was only really exciting once the Titan appear. These huge destruction machines have the ability to overturn the situation in an instant. After each victory, you will have the opportunity to receive new cards, ranging from casual to legendary to upgrade and add to your squad.

Overall, Titanfall: Assault is a quality product with an attractive gameplay.

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