Blockbuster The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on PC: Not for all


Breath of the Wild is exclusive game of Nintendo but it is just published for only 2 systems Wii U and Switch. Therefore, it is hard for gamers who use PC, PS4 or Xbox to experience this blockbuster.
However, Cemu- a team of programmers- created a virtual version of Breath of the Wild on PC and introduced it on Reddit. Immediately, many of gamers try Breath of the Wild on PC by using CEMU. But most of them are disappointed.

Because CEMU is a developing tool and it is not compatible for all devices. Therefore, many of gamers are not able to start Breath of the Wild. For some lucky gamers who can play Breath of the Wild but they can just experience this game with really low resolution. In addition, players must own a PC with power chip CPU. Moreover, now CEMU optimizes CPU weakly so PCs Core i3 or Core i5 can’t load Breath of the wild smoothly because this software just loads about 8 to 15 FPS.

Even running on the most powerful system, Breath of the Wild just reaches to 25 to 30 PFS and exists many graphic errors. But in return, gamers playing Breath of the Wild on the PC can experience this game with 4K resolution, that gamers playing Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Wii U or Switch can’t.
The best solution for gamers now is to wait for an updated version for all devices but with the unique, creative, pinnacle game as Breath of the Wild, this waiting is really worth it.

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