Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics – Great rivalry of Clash Royale has appeared

Gameloft has recently hit the new rookie Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics, which is said to be the closest competitor to Clash Royale.

Gameloft’s development team is about to return to a new project called Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics. But this time, instead of controlling a soldier in a fiery FPS game, the player must command entire “miniature” army like the way Clash Royale did.

Accordingly, the Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics will bring gamers the true story of Clash Royale’s unique style that blends handsomely between the goalkeeper and MOBA in real time. The game is now open for registration so you have the chance to receive valuable rewards when launching.

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics also has a map split into two main lanes, where the combat units of the two sides will automatically deploy and attack the enemy. The ultimate goal will be to kill the gun, destroy the enemy’s main house and collect the trophy for yourself.

The unique feature of the Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics vs. Clash Royale may come from the sharp and true 3D visual effects. Each character in the game appears with colorful shapes, fun and bring in his character as well as unique combat abilities.

Taking part in the Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics tour, players will have to build an army of 8 units from the massive character system available. From infantry units, snipers, armored vehicles to tanks, players can comfortably upgrade and develop in a variety of ways.

Another highlight that needs to be mentioned in the Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics is the comfort of arraying the gamut in the permissive range without being constrained or restricted. This gives the player many ways to win, creating their own identity. In addition, you can activate heavy weapons in each emergency situation in order to turn the game face in a moment.

Finally, the Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics allows players to challenge themselves by forming or participating in an alliance to challenge others in a fierce and extremely attractive PvP mode. Expected, this mobile game will be released on Gameloft Android and iOS in a few weeks.

Interested readers can join the game account registration HERE.

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