Appearing Online Role-Playing game Witchers for mobile

If you are fans of role-playing game, you surely know that The Witcher the most successful open world RPG series from CD Projekt RED from Poland. Since its launch in 2007, all versions of game based on the novel series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski have garnered so many commercial and artistic successes.

From a not-so-prominent name, contingently the brand The Witcher and the iconic Geralt of Rivia in CD Projekt Red have become a monument in the global gaming world, with millions of copies sold and hundreds of big and small awards.

In the face of such successes, it is inevitable that some companies will find ways to “follow” The Witcher to attract customers. EyouGame has officially announced the release of Witchers online games on iOS and Android platforms worldwide.

However, the mobile game MMO Witchers does not have anything related to the CD Projekt’s The Witcher brand. In fact, this game is a typical Asian MMO with three classes and the standard play of online role-playing including feature of conquering dungeon hell, large-scale PvP battlefields, mounts system, and allows players to find out their mates.

To sum up, Witchers is also a good choice for fans of role-playing game.

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