Anthem – a new blockbuster from BioWare

As soon as being released, Anthem from BioWare makes all gamers phenomenally overwhelmed because this game pushed the definition of the role-playing hybrid shooting game to a new level. Actually, the game is like a harmony of the world’s most celebrated entertainers like Destiny, Mass Effect, Avatar, or even Iron Man. Moreover, Anthem also is designed with too great graphics which can satisfy your eyes at the first time you have seen this monster.

Anthem is staged as Attack on Titan when the last remnants of humanity exist in a city surrounded by solid walls. Outside the walls, there are innumerable dangers, coming from huge monsters, aggressive robots and countless undefined entities. In that context, gamers immersed themselves in the “Freelancers” – the best mercenaries and warriors in the city. These Freelancers are armed with extremely advanced Javelin combat armor, allowing them to operate in harsh environments and the freedom to fly anywhere they want.

The Javelins can be customized in a number of versions, depending on the different situations the player encounters. For example with the Ranger you can be assured of the balance in both the attack and defense of this armor. In the gameplay you can see Colossus rush straight from the air in the middle of the enemy team, just like a bomb just crashed underground.

Another feature of Anthem which makes it being interested is that everything you see and experience in Anthem can be shared with your friends. Gamers can call for help from anyone in the cyberspace, forming a team to deal with new dangers. This could be the first time Bioware has incorporated this into their product, which may be a campaign to compete with Activision and Bungie’s Destiny 2.

Anthem is scheduled to release next year on PC and Console.

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