Alien: Isolation comes back with VR version

Alien: Isolation was released in 2014 and Sega introduced a VR mode, playing on the beta version of Oculus Rift. This mode never actually appears after the original prototype images, but the files used to run it still exist and hides in the game when they are released.

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These files are set up invisibly, and with the change of equipment, although players can find these files, they cannot run them. Fortunately, a new version of MotherVR was released by Zack “Nible” Fannon, and we can now experience Alien’s VR mode: Isolation again.

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Fannon said that the old Oculus development engine was not based on extended files for operation but was written directly into the game, so they were difficult to modify. That is the main reason making the support for DK2 or older play devices is very limited. Fannon had to solve the problem by navigating each of the SDK in the game to the fake SDK code he created, then reinterpreting tasks to the current Oculus SDK platform.

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In addition to technical issues, the gameplay has many other limitations, which are basically due to the backwardness of 2014’s VR technology. Some problems such as inflexible rotating motion, inaccurate in aiming or shooting, or unrealistic sky, etc. have been refined by Fannon.

Now, Alien’s VR mode: Isolation is reviewed well. Currently, this mode only supports Oculus Rift devices, and Fannon expects he may soon release version for Vive. And gamers just can experience this game when sitting.

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