Age of Warriors – A great choice for fans of tactical role-playing game

Recently, Hour Games has officially released Age of Warriors – Dragon Discord a tactical role-playing game following North American mythology. The game has now appeared free on both iOS and Android platforms.

The story of Age of Warriors revolves around the icy snow-covered land where friendly and gentle people live with the fierce, ferocious leprechauns always threatening to their peace. Your task is to play a general, a hero of the land to fight against the evil army.

Age of Warriors is an adventure game combining with role-playing strategy. Your army will move step by step in each map, destroy and conquer each land in a sequence of available tasks. The role-playing element in the game will surely satisfy the player while the tactical factor will make the gamers meet many of surprises.

Age of Warriors owns the trendy Unity 3D graphics, colorful graphics and vivid combat effects. All details in game like clothes, equipment, and movement of the characters are invested in quality which makes gamers feel as reality. Sound in the game also brings exciting feelings for players.

Besides the storyline-based single player mode, gamers can team up with others everywhere to explore hundreds of Dungeons and eventually engage in fierce guild battles or server battles.

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