A Way Out- a new blockbuster of Action game

At E3 2017, EA has continued to introduce new role-playing game which is rated as “blockbuster” with name “A Way Out”.

The most distinctive feature of A Way Out is that players have to try to escape from a American prison along with “Prison Break”

Players can select to play one of the two characters Leo and Vincent, two prisoners randomly meet each other during the “time off”. It is a pity that instead of spending time in prison to repent of their mistakes, both Leo and Vincent work together to plan escaping from prison.

The game makes it even easier for gamers to play co-op two people on the same machine. The scene is divided into 2 parts and each player controls a character, does the same task and works together. In addition, the game also supports online play mode so that the players can be paired together on duty.

The style A Way Out highlights the unique plot, allowing gamers to join hand to build prison break plan, which is a very rare play and almost no role playing games currently apply. Throughout the trailer, we can also easily spot action-packed action movies such as gunfights, racing or stealth.

A Way Out is expected to be released by EA in early 2018.

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