7 most desirable mobile games in March

“Screaming” game – Eighth Note and new products revived on Nintendo’s mobile phones like Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, Super Mario Run … are the most popular games of the past month.

Eighth Note! (iOS)

Hurricane over time on social networks, Eighth Note – Do not Stop Voice! Is a sound-based game. The game character is designed as a music note, which can jump depending on the volume of the microphone the player emits. The longer the volume is, the higher the character will jump the longer, longer. Players can download for free on the App Store, or use some clones on Google Play.

The game is suitable for all ages, but not suitable for playing in crowded places.

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed (Android – iOS)

The game is a mobile version of the famous Dynasty Warriors action genre based on the PlayStation, with action-RPG style. The player controls the generals of the Three Kingdoms to fight, making the game known as the Three Kingdoms.

During the game, gamers will collect and improve more than 48 generals, with different skills and equipment to participate in the battle. Intensely action-oriented, the game is impressed by its control, combat as well as graphics and impressive effects. The unique weapon system of each generals also makes the game’s game more attractive. However, what makes gamers so passionate about this game is the emotional story of each character, with a cinematic build.

Bit City (Android – iOS)

As a city building game, players start from a small town and develop it into a modern city. Tax and investment revenues help to upgrade and grow the region. The process of playing will gradually unlock new types of buildings, structures and facilities.

Gameplay in general is not much different than other city-building games, but classic-style graphics are the new wind that attracts the attention of many gamers around the world.

Gunpie Adventure (Android – iOS)

As the product of the famous Korean game company, Nexon, the game is a thrilling adventure in ancient ruins around the world. Hunting and survival, the task of the player is extremely diverse, based on massive storyline.

Owning 3D graphics, the game characters are flexible, giving a feeling of blood action with various angles. In addition to single mode, gamers can compete against other players in a variety of competitive modes. Not only the visual investment, the producer also invited the Hollywood actors to participate in the voiceover.

Gangstar New Orleans (Android – iOS)

The game is considered to be the new version of the famous GTA series on mobile devices. Players are engaged in action adventure in the thrilling city of New Orleans. With hundreds of vehicles and a variety of weapons, you have the tools to wade through the vast city.

The game has a massive storyline, with different missions in each area. Each task has its own nuance and action, from the French Quarter to the slums and even the mysterious marshes.

Shadowmatic (Android – iOS)

Shadowmatic is a puzzle game that challenges the player’s imagination to the extreme. The player’s task is to rotate the objects in mid-air to create shapes that are related to the surrounding environment.

The game requires the subtlety of combining the images to produce impressive final results. There are relaxing and attractive play but on the journey of discovery, gamers will certainly have to “stumble” many times by the shadow can create always surprise and diverse.

The atmosphere, the environment, and the music of the game are meticulous and careful. However, the game is only free of the top 14 levels, with 4 limited environments. Want to play next, you will have to spend more money.

Super Mario Run (Android – iOS)

Appearing on iOS quite long after being launched on Android, Nintendo’s famous game is a mobile game that anyone is encouraged to try once. It does not feel like a traditional game on the NES, but it still has its own unique and appealing features, based on beautiful graphics and new ways of playing.

Free downloads and first-person experience, and gamers can then decide whether or not to buy a one-time for $10.

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