3 new added maps of Overwatch in celebrating event

Blizzard verified that there will be 3 new maps added into Overwatch for Arena 3v3 mode in event of 1 year anniversary.

They will be released on 23rd, May. Now, they have no name but as surmising, these 3 maps are the new areas in Temple of Anubis, Eichenwalde and Dorado.

In this anniversary, the Game of the Year will be in promotion for 3 days, from 26th to 29th, May. Gamers can try this version freely in these 3 days.

Besides, some special skin in Overwatch for Bastion, Pharah, Soldier: 76 and Zarya were also revealed. The Dance Emote of Sombra, Lúcio, Symmetra and Zenyatta are also more interesting.

A series of new lines for Winston, Soldier: 76, Symmetra, Reinhardt, Roadhog, McCree and Lúcio will be added.

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