15 best free Android games for boys

Maybe the boys spend a lot of time finding a good game on Google Play when they use the Android device because the number of games on here is too much and not all games are good. Recently, the Android Authority has released the results of the 15 best Android games for boys. Let’s have a look and experience.

1. Android game about racing – Asphalt 8: Airborne

When it comes to racing games, the first thing we think of for sure is the Gameloft Asphalt 8. This is a sports game with extreme graphics quality, owns a collection of majestic cars with many racing and background music. You can upgrade or unlock new cars once you qualify. In addition, Asphalt 8 also supports online play mode, allowing you to challenge friends or strangers, bringing more fun.

2. Critical Ops – Attractive shooting game for Android

Critical Ops is one of the first FPS shooting games for mobile devices. You will play a special forces soldier, fight terrorists or become terrorists if you want. This game supports a strong online community, although the number of maps is not diversified, but in a match, Critical Ops allows up to 20 players to participate. If you are a fan of action or shooting games then this is a perfectly matched game.

3. Clash Royale – Amazing strategy game for Android

This is the latest game developed by “Father” of the legendary strategy game Clash of Clan. In Clash Royale, you will collect card types, build squad and challenge other players in the form of a 1: 1 confrontation. When upgrading your card or winning a match, you will receive gold or exp.

>> Download Clash Royale

4. Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope is a popular game and is loved by many people thanks to its cute graphics and funny sound. Cut the Rope is a very simple game with over 100 different levels, you just need to calculate the tactics to make the right way to cut the candy stickers falling in Om Nom’s position.

5. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is one of the strange & “rare” winds that many users love. In the game, you will build and develop a shelter with good habitat for survivors (called residents) after nuclear disaster. Overcoming challenges like fire, monster attacks, etc.

6. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is perhaps the last fantasy-based freemium game. In the game, you will be transported to a virtual world where there are only two forces. Vision represents the flow of thoughts and emotions of the human and Lapis represents a neutral area, containing the phase “Magic Crystal” provides a source of energy for human development.

7. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a card game, you need to complete missions to unlock cards, build strong teams to defeat other players in the PvP arena.

8. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator is a simulation game that manages the YouTube channel of PewDiePie. At this point, you need to use the most sophisticated features and skills to attract more fans.

9. Pokemon Go: A super hot android game

Despite the love and hate, we can not deny that Pokemon Go is a big hit in 2016. Although the popularity of this game has been reduced but this is still the best free game option. In the game, you will explore the real space around you to catch the Pokemon. Recently, nintendo has upgraded many new features to improve gameplay and bug fixes related to GPS, to prevent bad players from possessing all the special Pokemons.

10. Smash Hit

Smash Hit is one of the most popular traditional Runner games. Possesses good graphics, providing players with high interactivity with first-person perspective. Your job is to throw the ball to destroy obstacles along the way.

11. Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is the best free version of Sky Force. Like your predecessor, you control a plane to hit underground works and perform different types of missions.

12. Plague, Inc

This is a simulation strategy game. Your mission in Plague, Inc is to spread the dangers of dangerous plagues, which spread throughout the world with the goal of destroying humanity.


This is one of the zombie shooter games, which has been rated the lowest in 2015, but after a while development, UNKILLED has created a large number of fans. Your job is to destroy all the zombies with over 300 missions and 50 different weapons.

14. Vainglory

Vainglory is a MOBA tactical fighting game where you control a general and team up to defeat the enemy across the map. The highlight of this game is not the beautiful graphics but the general system, skills and items can be upgraded.

15. Yodo1 Games collection

Yodo1 Games collection is a collection of high quality entertainment games, enjoyed by many users. Although the graphics are not as eye-catching as other games, the accent is derived from the play and fun images of the characters.

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